March 2 - Redemptive Leadership

The redemption of humankind is at the very heart of God, and that is why Jesus came to earth and redeem us. The Old Testament law gave provision for the freeing of slaves and it was either through self-redemption or through the redemption of a kinsman. The kinsman-redeemer theme is very prominent in the Book of Ruth.

God does not want us to be enslaved to others, He saved the Israelites from slavery in Egypt so that they could become His people. Because of His redemption, all Israelites belonged to Him alone. Instead of serving Pharaoh, they served Jehovah God. He had broken the yoke of slavery and had given them freedom and dignity.

All spiritual leaders must, like Moses, set their heart on redemption. Moses led the people out of Egypt, gave them laws and regulations so that they might enjoy the fullness and blessings of God in the Promised Land. He served the needs of the people and even stood in the gap for them when they turned away from the Lord. He reminded the people of their own sins and the sins of their fathers and urged them to repent so the redemption of God would be complete in their lives.

When James and John asked for priority seating in the Kingdom of God, Jesus reminded them that God operates on a very different system. In the divine system of operation, there is no one to lord it over the people. Leadership positions are not to be demanded according to qualifications or merit, they are granted by God. No one deserves any high position in the Kingdom but all are servants like Jesus. The earthly system of the Gentiles is obsolete in the Kingdom of God. All earthly governmental systems are to be put away.

Jesus asked the same question twice, first to the two disciples and second to the blind man. The question is a servant question: “What do you want me to do for you?” It is not: “What can you do for me?” The result was the redemption of the disciples in taking on the cup and baptism of Jesus. Another result was the redemption of Bartimaeus from blindness to follow Jesus. This is redemptive leadership, to serve so that people’s lives are changed to follow Jesus. Jesus summed up His mission to earth as one that is redemptive, giving His life ultimately for the ransom of the world.

Are you in any kind of leadership role? Do you work with people in church or at work? Are you the spiritual leader of the home? Evaluate your leadership style now. How much of it is from the world and how much of it is redemptive? Have the mind of Christ and the heart of God the next time you work with people. Serve their felt needs and not your own needs. Bring them to Jesus instead of to yourself.

Ps 34:1-10 Lev 25:47-27:13 Mark 10:32-52 Prov 10:22


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