March 3 - Living in Fear

Many people are living in fear, the fear of the future, the fear of failure, and the fear that something bad might happen to them. To try to overcome such fears, many would turn to idol worship, to amass wealth for security, to inquire about their future but still have no peace about it. Are you one of those who live in fear?

The psalm passage begins with an exhortation for the little children to live in fear, it is not the fear that paralyses but the fear that protects and blesses. This is the fear of the Lord. Such fear is for those who want to live longer, to have life and to have blessings. When one fears the Lord, the earthly fears will go away. Godly fear expels worldly fear that is about one’s life, health, happiness, longevity and prosperity. This is the ultimate cure for all the anxieties of the modern person.

The blessings of the Lord will come to those who fear Him, to live lives in His presence. They are to hear His voice, to guard their lips from speaking evil and deceit. They would leave evil and do good, pursue peace with everyone. Very few people know of this way to life and blessings. Just think about this: God is everywhere and He is watching you. His eyes are on the righteous, His ears are inclined to their plea, His face is against the evildoers and He can rescue the righteous from all troubles.

The devil tries to take away things that are rightfully ours. He brings in wounds and hurts to our lives to make our lives miserable. Troubles are never far from us. When we are under the assault of the enemy, the Lord is there to take us through these hard times. He is near to the brokenhearted, He saves those who are contrite in the spirit. Despite of all the sufferings, the Lord gives salvation to the righteous ones and leads them out of every trouble. He preserves their bones so that none would be broken. God redeems His own and those who trust in Him would never be condemned.

When Jesus entered Jerusalem triumphantly, sitting on a donkey with people shouting “Hosanna”, this is the picture of the King coming in peace to deliver His people. “Hosanna” means literally “Help us Lord!” The coming of the Lord, His presence, is the greatest assurance in our lives. The Levites had to camp around the tabernacle of the Lord to guard God’s presence among the people. To live in the fear of the Lord is to live in a constant awareness of His presence. The house of the Lord should be called the house of prayer. In prayer, we go directly to God and His presence.

Do you want to live a good life, a long life and a blessed life?

Ps 34:11-22 Lev 27:14-Num 1:54 Mark 11:1-26 Prov 10:23


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