March 11 - The Price of Knowledge

There are two different types of sins as laid out in the law: intentional and unintentional sins. Sins committed with a high hand, premeditated and with full knowledge that it is a sin, were not to be atoned for. This is outright blasphemy and the offender was to be cut off from Israel and his iniquities were to be on him. The Sabbath-breaker, knowing full well that he should not gather sticks on the Sabbath, was stoned to death without any mercy or atonement for his life.

The other type of sins is the unintentional sins, sometimes called transgressions or mistakes. The offender did not know about the sin or he crossed the line unintentionally. The whole sacrificial system of the Old Testament was for such offenders. Atonement is only for the unintentional sinners, those who have sinned with a low hand. There is a price with knowledge.

The Korahites who led the rebellion with 250 chiefs of the congregation were Levites. They rebelled against Moses and Aaron, wanting to take over the priestly office that God had given to Aaron and his sons. The Levites were supposed to be the holy people, those who served the Lord in the tabernacle. They should know the laws and commandments of God since they were supposed to educate the people in those things. Knowing full well that they were doing the wrong thing, they still did it. That was blasphemy and despising the authority of the Lord. As a result, the Lord opened up the ground and they were swallowed into Sheol. This is the only time in all human history that live people were brought down to hell without going through physical death.

God is not mocked, whatever we sow, we are going to reap. When you are endowed with knowledge of the Word, or with spiritual authority, God demands more of you. Many believers want to know more about the Word, about theology and cramp their minds with more knowledge about God and His Word. That is good, but there is a price to go with knowledge. God is going to hold you responsible in everything that you know. Knowing and not using the knowledge in your life is dangerous.

A wise man builds his house on the rock of obedience. To obey God is to act on what you know and be true to the knowledge. Most of us use the knowledge to puff up ourselves, to become teachers of the Word and be proud of such knowledge. At the same time, the responsibility in doing the Word is becoming greater and greater as you know more and more. Go over all the sins you have committed recently: are they intentional or unintentional? Are you using the knowledge rightly or wrongly? Ask God for His mercy on you now and confess again your intentional and unintentional sins.

Ps 37:30-40 Num 15:17-16:40 Mark 15:1-47 Prov 11:5-6


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