March 14 - Tired of Life

Living our lives on earth is just like the Israelites walking in the wilderness. The environment is unfriendly and resources are scarce. Sometimes we are walking in circles, repeating some of the things that have happened earlier, repeating some of our own mistakes again and again. The enemy is trying to bring depravations in our lives and we seem to be in lack of everything. The reward for achieving our goals is not satisfaction but to propel us towards other goals. In a word, there is no rest in this world as we know it.

The Israelites were not happy with the way the Lord had led them. To avoid upsetting the Edomites, they had to go around them. They were totally dissatisfied with the route and the people complained again, just like the last few times. The “why” questions popped up and their answers pointed to the unfaithfulness of God and Moses. They grumbled against the route, the lack of food and water, and the same manna that they loathed. In short, they were tired of their lives.

When God’s children are not content with God’s provisions, God’s judgment would come. If the Israelites were tired of living, the fiery serpents could be the easy way of getting them out of their misery. However, when the serpents came and took away the lives of some of them, the people changed their mind and asked Moses to pray for them to take the serpents away. To live is better than to die, a live dog is better than a dead lion. So they repented, again and God gave them a bronze serpent as a remedy, foreshadowing the coming and lifting up of Jesus on the cross.

The psalmist knew of the value of life, he tried his best not to let his tongue sin. He guarded his tongue with a muzzle and let no wicked words come out from his mouth. However, when his heart grew hot, he mused and spoke with his tongue and sinned. What a fitful commentary on the sin of the Israelites. At the end, the psalmist made a prayer to God about his life. He asked God to make him know his end and the measure of his days. Knowing the brevity of life can give us wisdom in living. The life on earth is like a shadow and a mere breath. The purpose of our lives is not to acquire wealth but to hope in the Lord.

What is your life at this point? Are you complaining to the Lord about your condition, the condition of the world and the church? Are you dissatisfied with the provisions of God and loathe them like the Israelites? Are you looking for a better deal or alternatives? Are there contentment, peace and rest in your heart? Ponder on these questions and ask God to remove anything that is wicked and sinful. Commit your life to the Lord once again and love every day that He has given you. Pray for heaven to come on earth now!

Ps 39:1-6 Num 21:1-22:20 Luke 1:26-56 Prov 11:9-11


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