March 19 - Consider the Poor

There is always a group of people in our community that are poor. In the Old Testament times, these are the fatherless, the widows and the sojourners. Losing the source of support and uprooting from one’s homeland might be the reason for their poverty. We often look down on the poor, thinking that they are lazy and deserved to be in such state. Other might join the rank of the poor due to mental illness or other sicknesses or situations. Jesus once said that there would always be the poor with us and we can offer them assistance any time we want to. Their availability is an opportunity for us to be blessed.

The psalmist tells us that considering the poor is a channel of God’s blessings. The poor is there so that God can send us His goodness. It is not only about them, but it is also about us. For those who care for the poor, God will deliver them in the day of trouble. We all may go into such a day when we cannot help ourselves. The priority of God is to give help to those who care for the poor. The Lord’s protection will be with them and they will be kept alive by the Lord. These people are called blessed. They do not deserve God’s love and protection, but because they consider the poor, the Lord blesses them a lot more than the others.

Even though they have enemies, the Lord makes sure that they would not be given up to the will of their enemies. No scheme formulated by their enemies against them may prosper. The Lord will sustain them even in their sick beds and will restore them back to health. There is healing because when they care for the poor, the Lord cares for them in return. These are those who may enjoy good health and prosperity. Others may think that they are simply lucky but in the economy of the Lord, they have planted the seed and now they reap goodness from above.

Think about this: deliverance from trouble, protection, life, blessings, victory over one’s enemy, healing and health, all belong to those who consider the poor. Are you often times defeated by your enemies? Is your life miserable and not happy? Do you get sick often and not healthy physically? Are there constant accidents in your life? Do you feel exposed to the elements and are in harm’s way often? Are you now in trouble?

The solution to your demise might be the fact that you have not cared for the poor. You might be busy with you own life or your family, but you have ignored the needy around you. Ask God to open your eyes and see the cause for all your problems. When you care for the poor, God will care for you. If you turn your back to the poor, God will turn His back on you. God gives so much to you for you to share with the needy. You can begin now to consider the poor.

Ps 41:1-3 Num 28:16-29:40 Luke 3:23-38 Prov 11:18-19


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