March 25 - Guard Your Heart

Moses compared the nation of Israel with other nations on earth and there were big differences. No nation was as wise and understanding as Israel, and no nation had the Lord God so near to them that they could call on His name. No nation had statutes and rules so righteous as the law that God had given to Israel. Israel was uniquely God’s people and the law of God set them apart from all other nations of the world.

With this in mind, Moses continued further and told the people to take care and keep their soul diligently, not letting what they experienced about God to depart from their heart. God is an invisible God and people could not replace Him with any idols in the form of any created things. The created could be distractions so that their heart might depart from the Creator. Guarding the heart means to separate God from all other created things, honoring Him as the Creator but not be obsessed with created things.

Jesus also talked about the things of the heart. A student is not supposed to be above his teacher but he is fully trained, he can only be like his teacher. This takes out the pride from our hearts. Despising our teachers and finding faults with our brothers are all the result of the heart’s condition. It causes spiritual blindness, not able to see things clearly. If we dare to lead others, it would be the blind leading the blind, both falling into the pit.

The heart is also who we are and where we are. Whatever is in our heart, fruits of our life will come out. The fruit of our lives is only an indication of our real self. If a person’s heart is good, good fruit comes out. Jesus uses “good treasures” and “evil treasures” to describe the conditions of our heart. Treasure is something we value and is hidden away from others. However, we all betray our treasures through our mouths. Out of the abundance of the heart our mouths speak. So judging from your words, your life is being revealed.

What is the treasure that you are hiding? What do you treasure the most in life? What are some of the fruits of your life? Listen to yourself, what is coming out of your mouth? Are you a good tree or a bad tree? Is there more good than evil in your heart?

Pause now and look at the condition of your heart. Is there a deep loyalty for the Lord there? Do you consider yourself as a good person or a not so good one? Ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you about your real condition. Ask God for an open-heart surgery and replace your heart today.

Ps 44:1-3 Deut 4:1-49 Luke 6:39-7:10 Prov 11:28


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