April 6 - Evil Root

Moses summoned all Israel in the land of Moab to renew the covenant with the Lord. In his opening speech, he lamented the plight of Israel in this covenant relationship with God. He said, “But to this day the Lord has not given you a heart to understand or eyes to see or ears to hear.” The Israelites could not understand, see or hear. They were totally insensitive to the things of God despite God’s law given to them. Not even the miracles that God had performed in front of their eyes could make any difference. They were totally inept in obeying God but were easily inclined to the worship of idols.

Moses warned of an evil root among the people bearing poisonous and bitter fruit. What is this evil root? In the first place, a root signifies our ancestry, where we have come from. Before God called Abraham, his fathers were worshipping gods of wood and stone. People in that part of the world had many gods and Abraham was the first one to realize that there is only one God. Many of us have come to know Christ from a background of idolatry. According to the Ten Commandments, the sin of idolatry will affect the descendants to the third and fourth generations. Is it possible that you are affected by this generational iniquity to always be drawn to other gods?

Another meaning of “root” is of its hiddenness. A root is underground, cannot be seen but have the power to product plant and fruit. This may be the hidden part of man, the heart. Jesus told the disciples to be aware of the yeast of the Pharisees which is hypocrisy. To be hypocritical is to say or do one thing but think another. There is no unity of mind and action. On the surface, these people are serving God but deep down, they harbor an evil root.

Evil root will bear poisonous and bitter fruit. When others partake of the fruit, their lives will be turned to poison and bitterness. By looking at the fruit, one can detect the root. Although none can see beneath the surface, the fruit betrays the root. The roots of disobedience, rebellion, idol worship, were very strong in the people of Israel. In their wilderness journey, the evil roots bore fruits again and again. On the surface, they were God’s people; but deep down, they were harboring an evil root.

Have you ever wonder that there is something within you to draw you to sin and idolatry? Is there always a tuck in your spirit towards disloyalty towards God? It is time for you to look inside and find that root and destroy it. Confess the sin of idolatry on behalf of your ancestors and ask God to take out the root. Be true to yourself in your obedience to God. Do not just listen to or read the Word, practice the Word. Beware of the yeast of the Pharisees. Live a consistent life in the Lord and refuse any falsehood. Do not let poisonous and bitter fruit come out of your life.

Ps 49:1-13 Deut 29:1-30:20 Luke 11:37-12:7 Prov 12:19-20


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