April 10 - What about Your Spirit?

The psalmist is pleading for God’s mercy. He fully realizes his own sinfulness. Three words are used to describe his alienation from God and his need for forgiveness: transgressions, iniquity and sin. He has transgressed the laws of God, he has sinned against God and he was brought forth in iniquity. This includes his unintentional sins, his intentional sins and his ancestral sins. They are all heavy upon him and he needs God’s cleansing.

He is talking about truth in his inward being, his spirit. When he sins, his spirit is separated from God’s presence. In his secret heart, he needs purging and washing. All his confessions are aimed at the renewing of his spirit so that he may have the joy and gladness of the soul as well as the soundness of his body and bones. He knows when he sins, he would suffer in his spirit, soul and body alike. Confession of sins allows him to be white as snow, to have the sins blotted out and begin a new life or a new creation.

His prayer is for God to create a new heart in him. It is just like a new creation of God, taking the old away and beginning the new. The new heart is a clean heart with a clean spirit. His spirit will be cleansed of sin. Such a spirit would be a right spirit for he is now right with God after the cleansing. This ensures the presence of the Holy Spirit in his life for the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of holiness. When he becomes holy, God’s Spirit can then fill him. His spirit can then be a joyful spirit, celebrating the joy of his salvation. A willing spirit will then uphold and support him to go further into his life’s journey. Once his spirit is cleansed, all these will come into his life.

There is no secret in our spiritual life, we do not have to achieve anything but the key is always our confession of sins and having them cleansed and forgiven. This is what Jesus did for us on the cross, restoring us as a new creation. If anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation, the old has passed away and the new has come. Every day is a new day for you if you receive spirit cleansing from the Lord. It would benefit your spirit, soul and body as well. He will give you a clean spirit, a right spirit, a holy spirit, a joyful spirit and a willing spirit to respond to God.

Now go to the Lord and ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you about your own spirit. Are there sins, transgressions and iniquities affecting your life? Are you suffering ailments in the body, soul or spirit? The spirit is the key, try confessing all your sins and you may begin anew. You can be a new creation today, ask the Lord to give you a clean heart with the right spirit within. He will do it for you now and you will be renewed today.

Ps 51:1-12 Deut 34:1-Josh 2:24 Luke 13:22-14:6 Prov 12:26


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