April 19 - Life Sustainability

Have you ever thanked the Lord for your life? Every day when you get up, the first thought should not be gloomy about what the day may bring you but should be a prayer of thanksgiving for your life. To sustain your physical life, you need clothing, food, water and shelter. To sustain your spiritual life, you need more than food. Man does not live by bread alone but by every Word that comes out of God’s mouth.

The psalmist began with God preserving his life by defeating his enemies. He knew that God was helping him and so he praised His Word. By trusting God, he was not afraid of people any more. He went to the Lord in thanksgiving and fulfilled his vows for the Lord had rescued his life from death and his feet from falling. The fact that you are still living this moment is a testimonial about the saving grace of God. He forgave our sins and healed all our diseases, or we would have perished long ago.

From this psalm and the reading in Proverbs, there are three references about life: the light of life, the tree of life and the fountain of life. Let us look at them in turn. The light of life is about God’s presence. We have to live in His presence in order to have illumination of the way. God is light and His presence sheds light on our lives. The more we go to Him, the more we may see things clearly. Without God, we would have groped around in darkness. His Kingdom is a Kingdom of light where there is no darkness. Are you living in His light of life?

The tree of life was in the Garden of Eden, giving life sustenance to Adam and Eve. As long as they ate of the fruit of this tree, they would have life because of their obedience to God’s instructions. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil was the tree they needed to stay away from. This is a tree of rebellion, not accepting God’s definition of good and evil but to come up with our own standards. Eating of this tree means death. Are you in obedience to God’s commands and statutes?

The fountain of life represents the teachings of the wise, warning people to stay away from death traps. One must be constantly be nourished by the fountain of life. The water of God gives life and from our belly shall flow rivers of living water. As we partake of the Word of God and the Spirit of God, this fountain will take effect in us. Both the Word and the Spirit are our life sustaining power, without either one, we are in a dry and thirsty land. Do you have the fountain of life inside of you?

After giving thanks for your life, take a moment to reflect on your life. Are you living in God’s presence, having the light of life? Do you obey God and partake of the tree of life? Are you operating by God’s Word and Spirit so that the fountain of life is in you? Are you happy with your life today? Is God pleased with your life?

Ps 56:9-13 Josh 19:1-20:9 Luke 19:28-48 Prov 13:12-14


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