April 23 - Your Enemies

The psalmist again asked God to deliver him from his enemies and protect him from those who rose up against him. He defined his enemies as workers of evil, blood-thirsty and fierce men who stirred up strife against him. They attacked him not because of his transgression or sin but for no fault of his own. There was no cause for their attack. Sometimes when we are under someone else’s attack, we would search ourselves, confess our sins but the attack is still there. Could it be the only reason why the psalmist was attacked was purely because he was God’s servant? It was his being rather than his doing. When you declare loyalty to God, the other side will definitely launch attacks on you, whether you deserve it or not.

The Israelites were under attack for another reason: their disobedience to God’s instructions to utterly destroy their enemies in the Promised Land. They were not to make any covenant with them, they were to destroy their altars of worship but they did not do a thorough job. So, in response, God gave them over to their enemies and their gods would become their traps. Disobedience is the surest way of inviting enemy attack. When you are weak and without the presence of God in your life because of sin, you are a fair game for the enemy. God’s protection will not be on you and defeat is imminent.

When Jesus was talking about the end times, He warned the disciples to stay alert and pray always lest their hearts were to be weighed down with dissipation and drunkenness and cares of this life. This lack of watchfulness is shown in our lifestyle of enjoyment, hedonism and self-centeredness. Without even knowing it, our lives would fall into a trap and could not get out. Things of this life, the pleasures of this world are constantly coming at us, drawing us away from the Lord’s presence. When you care more about your livelihood than the Second Coming of Jesus, when you care more about the perishing earth more than the Word of God, when you are involved in activism rather than prayer, you are in a position of defeat. The flesh and the world will work together for your defeat.

Judas is a good example: because of his love of money and the world, Satan entered him and caused his downfall. The result is that he could not stand before the judgment seat of the Lord when He comes back again. What about your enemies? Remember, the fact that you are a child of God qualifies you for satanic attack. Your own sins would intensify the attack and your love of yourself and of the world could open more doors for further attack.

The key to overcoming attacks is still being watchful and prayerful. Hold on to God’s Word instead of things of the world. Live a holy life in God’s presence.

Ps 59:1-5 Judg 1:1-2:9 Luke 21:29-22:13 Prov 13:24-25


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