May 6 - No Accidents

Accidents are those events that happen suddenly, without warning and out of our expectations. None of us plan accidents because if we have planned them, they are no longer accidents. We see traffic accidents on our way to work, people get injured or are killed. The reason for purchasing insurance is to be prepared for any accidents in our lives. Some of us are more accident prone than the others. When bad things happen to us, we can only blame fate for them. Many believe that they just have bad luck. Although Christians should not believe in luck, some still think that God cannot protect them from accidents. They have forgotten a very important doctrine about God: God is always in control and that nothing can happen randomly without cause. There is no accidents with God!

The “bad luck” of Naomi’s family began when her husband decided to leave Bethlehem because of famine and went to the land of Moab. A wrong move caused the lives of all the males in the family, leaving Naomi alone with two daughters-in-law. When one moves outside of the covering of God, that person is outside of God’s protection and thus become vulnerable to the attacks of the enemy. What happened was not an accident, it was God’s children not having faith in God’s provision and went after other forms of help or provision. Naomi became a bitter person, without such knowledge, she blamed God for her misfortune.

Ruth adopted her husband’s country and family, following Naomi back to Bethlehem. When she obeyed Naomi and went to glean wheat, she happened to be in the field of Boaz and it happened that Boaz took an interest in her and what had happened to her family. It was no accident, God’s hand was there to guide and He made this happen despite of the circumstances. None of us, when we have run into something good, can give credit to luck or fate. It is God’s doing and not because of our planning, it is no accident because God is active in the lives of His children.

The healing of the official’s son was no accident either. When Jesus declared his healing, the son immediately got healed, right at the moment of Jesus’ declaration. It was no accident, the son did not get healed because of good luck. The Word of Jesus, through the faith of the official, made the child well. When something happens, whether good or bad, has always to do with cause and effect. God is in control of everything and there is no accident apart from His knowing.

If something bad is happening to you, seek God’s face about it. It could be because of your personal sin or someone else’s sin. Like the blind man in John 9, it could be an instance for God to reveal His glory. It could be like Job’s experience when something has happened in heaven without his knowledge. There is no accident!

Ps 66:5-15 Ruth 2:1-4:22 John 4:43-54 Prov 14:26-27


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