May 7 - Do You Want to be Whole?

Jesus came to an invalid who was in that condition for thirty-eight years. He was at the Pool of Bethesda for a long time but had long given up hope because no one took him into the pool when the water was stirred up. He missed many chances because he could not move and there was no help for him. This man was probably blaming God for his long illness, blaming others for not helping him and blaming himself for being useless in seeking for a cure. From what Jesus said to him, we understand that his illness was not an accident. There was a cause for his infirmity. His needs went beyond mere healing, he needed to be made whole.

Wholeness is the opposite of brokenness. When something is not working in our lives, we become broken like the invalid and we lose control over parts of our lives. Whether it is emotional, physical or spiritual, our brokenness prevents us to live our lives to the fullest. Jesus asked the invalid, “Do you want to be healed?” Some other versions translate the question as, “Do you want to be made whole?” or “Do you want to be well?” The connotation goes beyond getting healed, it is to be well or without sickness; or to be made whole, to be without brokenness.

The first step in getting our wholeness is to want it. Many have been in one condition or another for many years. They actually do not want to get out of it. There are others helping and they have become dependent on them. Their will to get well have been diminished. If they do not want to be well, Jesus cannot force wellness on them. The second step to get well is to answer the question of Jesus in the affirmative: “I want to get well, I want to be healed, I want to be made whole!” The third step to receive your healing is to obey Jesus, do whatever He tells you to do. To tell an invalid to pick up his mattress and walk was an impossible request. When there is a total obedience to Jesus’ Word, healing happens.

The final step is about how to receive wellness, not just healing. Jesus told the invalid to sin no more or worse things could happen to him. In this advice, Jesus had revealed the cause of this man’s sickness. In order to maintain his healing, he needed to stay away from sin. A holy life is a healthy life. Without sin, sicknesses cannot latch on to our bodies. A healthy spirit brings about a healthy emotion and a healthy body. Wholeness of the body, soul and spirit begins with not sinning.

When we regard sin in our lives, the psalmist reminds us, the Lord will not hear us. Our wholeness has to do with our relationship with the holy God. How is your healthy today? Do you want to be healed and made whole? Go to Jesus and let Him know. Obey what He says and live a holy life. Is there anything in your life you need to change? Ask Jesus to show you. Remember, holiness is wholeness!

Ps 66:16-20 1 Sam 1:1-2:21 John 5:1-23 Prov 14:28-29


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