May 22 - A Grain of Wheat

The teaching on “a grain of wheat” is a lesson on how to serve or minister to the Lord Jesus. It all happened when some Greeks wanted to see Jesus. They first sought out Philip who in turn told Andrew and Andrew brought this matter up to Jesus. Jesus gave a very surprising answer about the time for His glorification had come. As He elaborated on this statement later, it had nothing to do with the Greeks seeking Him. It was about how His followers might serve Him.

A grain of wheat has growth potential, one grain may become many grains as long as it falls into the ground and gives up itself for a greater harvest. Jesus is the example of this grain of wheat, when He died on the cross, many other lives are saved. The ministry of Jesus is a selfless ministry with no concern about His own welfare or safety. For those who love their lives more than they love Jesus, they cannot serve Him. Instead of preserving their own lives, they end up losing their lives. The first requirement for serving Jesus is selflessness.

The second requirement for serving Jesus is to follow Him, going where He goes. We do not only lose our own life but our own direction in life. If you want to minister to Jesus, you must follow after Him instead of plotting out your own life map and go your own way. To be a servant is to attend to the Master, is to be ready when He calls and to go at the direction of His hand. You are like waiters in a restaurant, ready to do anything the customer wants.

The third requirement is to receive honor from the Father instead of from man. Jesus was not going to be honored because the Greeks were coming to Him. He received the Father’s glory and honor when He went to the cross. Later, some Jewish officials who believed in Jesus were afraid to show their allegiance for fear of being driven out from the synagogue. They sought the honor from man more than the honor from God. God will honor those who serve Him and we do not need to seek glory from man.

You may run into difficulties or sufferings as you follow Jesus to the cross. Instead of asking the Father for averting the sufferings, Jesus faced them with resolve. In so doing, He glorified His Father. His decision was followed by the affirmation of the Father that Jesus had indeed glorified Him. This is the goal of every believer: to glorify God in the highest through serving Jesus.

Are you serving Jesus? Are you willing to give up yourself and what you have to follow Him? Do you want to follow Him wherever He goes? Are you ready to receive God’s honor and glory? Is your ministry giving glory to God or to yourself?

Ps 71:19-24 2 Sam 1:1-2:11 John 12:20-50 Prov 15:27-28


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