June 6 - Gracious Words

Very few people realize that the words that come out from their mouths have power to heal or to destroy. If you count the number of words you usually utter each day, it may blow your mind to find out that each word is an opportunity to help or to discourage those around you. Your words are actually instruments of healing for others as long as they are words of grace.

Gracious words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the body. They can bring emotional and physical healings at the same time. Many of us have been hurt by the cruel words of others and only words of grace may heal. Good words have the power to cancel out bad words. When others are speaking negative and cruel words to you, the only way to counter them is to speak graciously. Christians are to bring healing and restoration to people and communities while the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy. Just a few kind words on a daily basis can work wonders.

Gracious words can also bring health to the body, it encourages healthy bodily growth especially in the children. To speak to your children graciously not only bring encouragement to their soul but also health to their bodies. I have found many negative parents bringing up unhealthy kids that are always sick. By changing the way of speaking, health can be restored. Sickness often comes to trouble marriages because many word exchanges are not gracious. When there is fault-finding, blaming of one another, refusing to admit wrong and punishing one another with words, the spiritual atmosphere of the home is affected, causing emotional and physical damages.

Gracious words come out from a gracious person who has received grace from God. There is no entitlement to God or others. Everything that we have is a gift from God and we deserve nothing. God has treated us with grace that we do not deserve and we should treat others likewise. This is unconditional love which is grace based. If you are a believer in the cross of Jesus Christ and you refuse to treat others graciously, you might have not grasped the essence of salvation. If you refuse to forgive others, God would not forgive you as well.

Are you a gracious person? Are you kind and compassionate to others, speaking words of grace to them? Are you an agent of God’s grace and a conduit of God’s love? Do you want to be used of God to heal the emotional and physical problems of others? Receive God’s grace afresh today, come before Him and thank Him for His graciousness in your life. Confess the sin of not being gracious and begin speaking words of grace now, to those who are closest to you first!

Ps 127:3-5 1 Kgs 1:1-53 Acts 4:1-37 Prov 16:24


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