June 7 - God’s Way or Your Way

The Chinese word dao 道 has a rich variety of meanings including direction, way, road, path, conduit, principle, truth, morality, skill, method, lifestyle, to say or to speak. It is used to translate the Greek word logos in the Chinese bible versions. When applied to humankind, it refers to a way of life that is in line with truth, correct principles and high morality.

The psalmist begins with describing the blessings of one who walks in the way of the Lord. God will bless him with prosperity and he can enjoy the fruit of his labor. His family life, including his wife and children are also blessed like the branches of the olive tree. Even their beloved city, Jerusalem, is to be blessed with prosperity and peace as well. The blessing would even extend to subsequent generations.

In the Book of Proverbs, two different ways are contrasted: the right way and the way that leads to death. Most people would miss the right way, mistakenly thinking that the way that they are taking is the right way. Popular opinion cannot and will not make a popular way the right way, only God can define what the right way is for man. Most common ways of life would eventually lead to death. Only God’s way can lead to life.

David was about to go in the way of all the earth, about to be gathered to his ancestors. Throughout his life, he tried to walk in God’s way and so he exhorted Solomon, his son, to walk in God’s way. This is the last word of David to Solomon, urging him not to rely on his own wisdom but to obey God and walk in His ways in order to have peace and prosperity in his life.

When the apostles were brought before the council, Peter answered the high priest that he must obey God rather than men. The apostles were walking in God’s way and not man’s way. Gamaliel the Pharisee in the council then gave a very convincing analysis of the situation. All plans and undertakings of man are of no avail and are bound to failure. Anything that is not of God cannot stand. If what the apostles did was from God, they did not want to oppose God. One must submit to God’s way and not our own ways.

The way that you conduct your life is the issue here. Are you living according to God’s way, your way or the way of the world? In the making of every decision, do you ask what you want to do or what others are doing without asking God about it? If your self-awareness and other awareness have overwhelmed your God awareness, then you are still going the way of man. Ask the Holy Spirit to show you in what ways you are following the self and the world.

Ps 128:1-6 1 Kgs 2:1-3:3 Acts 5:1-42 Prov 16:25


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