June 8 - The Kingly Anointing

The original mandate for humankind before the Fall was to subdue and rule over the world, including all living creatures in the air, on land and in the sea. In so doing, mankind is to bring the dominion of God all over the earth. Adam received this tall order from the Lord and he began by tending and keeping the Garden, managing the animals and had authority over them by naming them. What the first Adam failed to do, the second Adam, Jesus Christ, gave us the Great Commission in place of the original mandate. We as believers, are to go into all the world, subduing the work of the devil and bringing in the dominion of the Kingdom of God. In so doing, we all have to receive the kingly anointing.

Solomon realized that he could not rule the nation of Israel by his own power and wisdom, he really needed wisdom and discernment from the Lord. In asking for wisdom, he pleased the Lord for the kingly authority is the ability to make decisions so as to rule the land. Solomon had discernment from the wisdom he received from the Lord, then he could judge correctly and so his rule was established. His wisdom reflected the wisdom Adam had in ruling over the animals for he had wisdom in all disciplines, able to study the fish in the sea, the animals on land and the flying birds in the air. He also ruled over the kingdom of Israel with such anointing.

When the early church was facing a problem in managing people, people took on offenses because of neglect. They grumbled and the church had her first crisis. The answer to that was to choose the seven deacons, men full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom. The kingly anointing was on them and so they were able to manage the situation, coming up with ways to solve the problem to the satisfaction of everyone. The result was that the Word increased and many came to know the Lord.

Stephen, one of the Seven, was full of grace and power, filled with the Holy Spirit and wisdom, he exercised his kingly authority against his accusers. The opponents were silenced in the presence of this divine wisdom from the Holy Spirit. The kingly anointing was so thick that Stephen looked like an angel. He was able to preach the Word with full authority and power.

Believers are to rule the world, they are to be the leaders in every level of society. With God’s presence and enablement, they are supposed to be the best in their fields. We need them to be the best politicians, physicians, scientists, teachers, engineers and so on. They are to lead others to the Lord and show them the right way to live. In every workplace and every neighborhood, Christians must take the lead instead of abdicating the world to the devil like what Adam and Eve did. Ask God now for this kingly anointing, for the Holy Spirit and wisdom now.

Ps 129:1-8 1 Kgs 3:4-4:34 Acts 6:1-15 Prov 16:26-27


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