June 15 - Dwelling in Unity

When brothers dwell together in unity, goodness and pleasantness would come about. Others may then know what is good and what is pleasant which they cannot find in the world. The unity of the brothers is a potent force in drawing others to the Lord as they can then recognize that we are the disciples of Jesus. Dwelling together in a community like the early church is a rarity in today’s world. Early Christians had everything in common, sharing everything together in a tight-knit community. It was very different than our present situation, that believers only see each other once or twice a week and for a very short time. Communal life is largely missing in today’s churches.

Dwelling together in unity is not only good and pleasant, it also invites the anointing oil of the Holy Spirit. When Aaron was anointed as priest, the precious oil was poured on his head, running down the beard and down to his collar. What a picture of the outpouring of the Spirit on those who are taking on the priestly role. When worship and intercession are taking place in the Christian communities, the Spirit would be pleased to come down. The early Christians worshipped, praising God and praying together, so the Holy Spirit came down on them time and again. The hand of God was with them, performing signs and wonders that drew people to believe in God.

The dew of Hermon is life giving, causing everything to grow. When it falls on the mountains of Zion, the vegetation can receive nutrients and begin to grow. When a Christian community affects the neighboring community, it is like the life giving dew, bringing life and vitality to the area. When the early church community shared everything in common, the church was able to meet the needs of the community around them. There was no needy person there because of the dew effect from the Christian community on to other communities. This is another reason why people were drawn to the early church.

When these conditions of unity are met, when there is praise and prayer, when there is concern for the community, God’s commanded blessing would come and the result is life forevermore. Eternal life comes as a blessing to all that is in contact with the united Christian community. Many will become believers and the community will grow. Unity is the key to Kingdom growth and it is also the power to bring others into the Kingdom.

Pause now to reflect on your own Christian community. Is it united? Do brothers dwell together in unity? Are there worship and intercession going on? Is there any outreach to meet the needs of the needy? Pray these into that community now.

Ps 133:1-3 1 Kgs 14:1-15:24 Acts 10:1-23a Prov 17:7-8


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