June 25 - God is Here

To fully realize the presence of God in your life, you must know and believe that God is all knowing, all present and all powerful. Your life depends on His and if you exclude Him from your life, you do not have a life to speak of. So the presence of God is key to our lives and we must seek His presence every moment of our conscious lives. The psalmist has written the most beautiful psalm about God’s ever presence and His all knowing ability in Psalm 139.

He begins by declaring facts about God: He searches his heart and knows him, He knows when he sits down and when he rises up, He discerns his thoughts from afar. He searches out his path and his lying down and is acquainted with all his ways. Even before a word is on his tongue, He knows it altogether. He hems him in, behind and before, and lays His hand upon him.

There is no way that he could escape from God’s ever presence. No one could escape from God’s Spirit, no one could flee from His presence. God is in heaven, in Sheol, in the uttermost parts of the sea. God is in darkness as well as in light. Even darkness could not hide His presence. Then the psalmist goes on to declare the all powerful works of God following verse 12.

Have you ever wondered that you are never alone? Solitude is an oxymoron term for God is everywhere. You cannot spend one second apart from Him. He sees everything that you do and hears every word that you speak. He knows your thinking and the intention of your heart. In a word, no one could escape God’s attention. God is intent to watch over us so that one day He could judge us according to what we actually are. But on the positive side, if God is with us, then His presence and help are always available to His children.

Privacy is something the Western world treasures. Everyone needs privacy and one’s own space. Some of us have caves that we escape to and there we may exclude others, even at times, God. Married couples want their own time to develop relationships. Families need to be together without outsiders. But all this privacy cannot exclude God. Even when a husband is alone with his wife inside their bedroom, God is there. God sees how they fight and how they make up; God sees their every move and hears their every word spoken to each other.

If God actually knows, if God is actually here and now, what would your response be? Maybe the first step is to recognize His presence. Even when you are alone by yourself, you can utter a word to God and welcome His presence. Invite God to be a part of your human relationships through praying together. God is with you always!

Ps 139:1-12 2 Kgs 8:1-9:13 Acts 16:16-40 Prov 17:26


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