July 29 - Self Knowledge

Do you know that the hardest person to know is the self? You may like to analyze other people’s motivations or character, but most of us are blind as far as self-knowledge is concerned. We do not know ourselves. There are some reasons why this is not easy to do. There are some hints from the Books of Proverbs and Romans for us to ponder on today.

Like a king sitting on his throne of judgment are some of us. We try to locate any evil or bad things around us so we may avoid them. However, you are not a good judge of others because you cannot say, “I have made my heart pure; I am clean from my sin.” All of us are sinners and so our judgments are skewed and tainted. Due to sins in our lives, our judgment is like using two sets of weights or measures. We use one set of value on others but another set on ourselves. Most people are harsh on others and lenient on themselves. When we are not aware of the sins, prejudices and unrighteousness in our lives, we cannot judge others. We do not even judge ourselves rightly.

Paul exhorts the Roman Christians not to think of themselves more highly than they ought to think. Few of us can think about ourselves with sober judgment and according to the measure of faith that God has assigned to us. The gifting of God then can put us in the right place within the body of Christ. There is not a gift that is better than another. Gifts are not hierarchical but only different. None of us should elevate ourselves just because others are different from us.

To live in harmony with others, we have to have true self-knowledge. If you really know yourself, you would know that you are a sinner saved by grace. Everything that you have comes from above. There is no need to brag about your wealth, your wisdom or your education for God has given all these to you. There is no need to feel superior about your height, weight or your beauty because they all came from your parents and ancestry. Nothing you possess is yours and you should not look down on others. You have something that is different, but not better.

The key to self-knowledge is the knowledge of God. When you know God, you know yourself in the light of God. Only God can tell you who you are and what you are created to be. So you have to say no to the self, offering your body a living sacrifice as a form of spiritual worship. Rejecting bodily desires and wants is an act of worship. When you spend time with the Lord, hear His Words and you know how to think. The transformation of the mind is through intake of the Word and saying no to the ways of the world. When you can successfully overcome your self and the world, you may then discern the will of God. This how you may know yourself.

Ps 79:9-13 2 Chron 24:1-25:28 Rom 12:1-21 Prov 20:8-10


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