July 3 - Two Vital Questions

In the Book of Acts, we read about the second of three accounts on Paul’s conversion. While each account differs from the other two in some minor details, the second account has something that the other two accounts do not have: the follow-up question Paul asked of the Lord after he asked Jesus who He was. The two questions are vital questions for every human being to ask so that we know who we are and what we should do for our lives. The first question Paul asked was, “Who are you, Lord?” and the follow-up question was, “What shall I do Lord?”

The first question is the question for every seeker of God, trying to know who God is. By calling Jesus, “Lord”, Paul became a Christian for no one could call Jesus, “Lord” except by the work of the Holy Spirit. This is the only way by which one can be saved: by confessing Jesus as Lord of one’s life. Paul was not satisfied by knowing the name of the Lord, he wanted to know God more as he confesses in the Epistle to the Philippians that he wanted to know God and the power of His resurrection. He wanted to know God personally and even experience His power in his life. Knowledge of God is the beginning of all knowledge and wisdom. This was how Paul’s life begun again, he was born again of the Spirit.

The follow-up question is a logical question. If Jesus is the Lord of our lives, then it makes sense to ask Him for direction and guidance. If He is the Master, then we are the slaves who live to serve the Master. If He is the King and we are the subjects, we must know about the Kingdom rules and principles in order to become a part of the Kingdom. Paul got it right when he asked the Lord for what he should be doing. This is a declaration of loyalty, a willingness to submit to the rule of Jesus by offering his life to the Master. This is also the hardest question to ask the Lord for He may have something to tell us that we are not ready for. Paul was told, through Ananias, that he was appointed to be a witness for the Lord and that he would see great sufferings for the sake of Christ. That totally changed Paul’s life, changing from the old Saul to the new Paul.

Do you know the Lord? Is the chief goal of your life consists of knowing Him more? Do you hunger and thirst for more knowledge and experience of Him who is your Lord? How can you get to know more about God and His works today? Write on your journal some of the ways by which you may know God better.

Are you obedient to God for the direction of your life? Have you ever asked Him about what you need to do with your life? If you have not, ask Him now. Record what you have heard from Him in your journal and walk in it now. He is not only your Lord but He also determines your life’s destiny.

Ps 144:1-8 2 Kgs 22:3-23:30 Acts 21:37-22:16 Prov 18:11-12


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