July 13 - The Reality of God

In this portion of the epistle, Paul begins by talking about the wrath of God. God reveals His wrath from heaven toward all ungodliness and unrighteousness of man. God is angry about all things that are against His person and character. The ungodliness, i.e. the removal of God in people’s lives and the unrighteousness, i.e. doing anything against God’s standard, are the reasons for God’s wrath for they suppress the truth or the ultimate reality of God. Our God is an intolerant God in that He gets angry when He sees ungodliness and unrighteousness.

After relating God’s intolerance against sin, Paul continues to relate the reality of God, or the truth about God. The reality of God cannot be suppressed for the knowledge about God is plain to all. God has shown His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature through His creation. The reality of God has been shown forth through the reality of the creation and men are without excuse. In turning toward idols, they have exchanged the reality of God for a lie, worshipping the created instead of the Creator. This opens the gate for all kinds of sins and perversions including homosexuality.

In the name of “tolerance”, many believers in Jesus Christ have come to condone homosexuality and other sins of passion. All over the world, there is a strong current of approval on these sins that are abhorrent to God. God loves the sinners but detests their sins and sinful behaviors. The sinners do not only sin themselves but also like others to do that with them. There is an unhidden agenda, not only to approve such lifestyle but to make it mainstream. In accusing others of being “intolerant and bigot”, they are also intolerant of those who hold on to God’s standards and practices.

Yes, Christians are to be like God: intolerant of any ungodliness and unrighteousness. For those who are “accepting of others” or “tolerant of differences”, an open door is created for the devil to come into their lives. In refusing to acknowledge the reality of God, doors are opened for all kinds of sins mentioned in the latter part of this chapter of Romans. This is important to note that sexual sins open up a barrage of other sins that are relational in nature. Haters of God are haters of one another and haters of others. In the name of tolerance, they become intolerant of one another in the end.

There is a Chinese saying that sexual sin is the number one sin that can sever the society. The first step is to be tolerant of it and then doors would be opened for other relational sins. Sexual sins, especially sins of homosexuality, are ungodly (not of God) and unrighteous (not right). Stay away from these sins and repent now.

Ps 150:1-6 1 Chron 15:1-16:36 Rom 1:18-32 Prov 19:6-7


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