July 16 - Desecration of the Holy Place

My favorite part of the church building is always the sanctuary where the congregation comes to worship and pray. Even little children love to come in just to stare at the cross. This is the place where we meet with God and it is the place of God’s presence. Many lives have been changed there, many decisions were made there for the Lord and many marriages had their beginnings at the altar. When one goes in the sanctuary, there is a sense of awe and presence even on weekdays.

The scheme of the enemy is usually for the desecration of the sanctuary, taking the holy awe away from the place through objects, people and attitudes. Every Sunday morning, I would usually go around the whole church premise to remove things of desecration. Because our church is usually open during the week for many outside people, they could have brought in their different spirits and objects into the house of God. On any given Sunday, I could usually locate some pamphlets, books, newspapers that are in direct contradiction with the gospel message. On some bulletin boards, advertisements about Yoga classes or Qi Gong lessons could be found. Removing desecrations to ensure the presence of the Lord is very important for any church.

Here, the psalmist was looking at the ruins of the temple. The enemy had destroyed everything in the sanctuary and signs of the enemy were all over. The sanctuary was set on fire and profaned as the dwelling place of God’s name. The meeting places of God in the land were also burned so that no signs or icons were visible. The prophets were no longer there, no one was speaking forth the Word of God. What a miserable sight it was.

Desecrations of the holy places are not limited to the physical buildings. The foes of God have taken over the places of worship, they roam there and they roar in the midst of the meeting places. They set up their own standards and signs, turning the place to the enemy of God so no one may again worship at that place. In the end, no more worship of God can take place there.

Do you have a habit of going to the church sanctuary for worship on Sundays? Do you know that you can bring desecration to the holy place? Sins unconfessed, the refusal to forgive, harboring the spirits of disunity and strife are often found in the house of God. These are the attitudes that can chase away the presence of God. If you go to church with such attitudes, you are not going to meet God there. Your desecration has driven Him away. What kind of a worshipper are you: One who consecrates or one who desecrates? Ask the Holy Spirit to search your heart right now and be a consecrated worshipper from now on.

Ps 74:1-11 1 Chron 22:1-23:32 Rom 3:9-31 Prov 19:13-14


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