July 17 - Be Organized

God’s people are supposed to be an army, like the Israelites coming out of Egypt. We are fighting the war of the ages, of the kingdoms and going against our archenemy, Satan. As an army, there must be order, rank and offices. Each of us must work together, knowing our places and what to do in what situations in order to win over our foes. As such, the army of God must be organized in order to be effective. There must be a chain of command and submission to authority in order to move in the same direction. There should be a division of labor within the ranks so that all may move towards a common goal. The leaders must lead and those under them must follow. This is true for an army and also true for any church and ministry.

King David knew how to organize the army of Israel, both in the religious and the military areas. He appointed leaders by tribes, clans and families; he assigned duties according to responsibilities and to the direction of God through the casting of lots. Detailed procedures and job descriptions were given, leaving no room for guessing. He organized the Levites, the priests, the musicians, the gatekeepers, the officials, the military and the tribal leaders. As a result, the civic, religious and military aspects of the kingdom were covered. Israel was organized as a nation.

If you take a closer look, the kingdom was not only organized upon those three areas, it was so organized in order that God’s anointing would be on Israel. Three offices of the Messiah are seen here in David’s organization: the kingly, the priestly and the prophetic. The kingly aspect includes the organization and the management of the kingdom, the carrying out of the king’s rule through government officials, tribal leaders and the military. The priestly aspect came through the works of the priests, the Levites and the gatekeepers. It is most interesting to note that the prophetic aspect of the rule came through the musicians, using their instruments and under the authority of the king to prophesy.

As the church is supposed to rule over the earth by extending the Kingdom of God, and as she is an army fighting the forces of darkness, there must be organization according to God’s pattern. The priestly office of the church lies in the worshipping of the Father God, the prophetic office of the church is realized as the Word is being preached and the kingly office of the church is practiced through bringing others into the Kingdom of God. God’s people must be mobilized and organized in order to do the work of Christ, the Messiah.

Pray for your church right now, ask the Lord to grant the leaders the kingly, the priestly and the prophetic anointing. Pray that an army of God be raised within the church to bring the gospel to the ends of the earth.

Ps 74:12-23 1 Chron 24:1-26:11 Rom 4:1-12 Prov 19:15-16


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