September 7 - Befriending God

What do you do when you are afflicted, in distress and fainting in spirit? You go to God and pour out your heart, you cry out, you even complain of the situation and ask for God’s ear. This is exactly what the psalmist did when he was in trouble and torment. Just take a look at what he was going through, with his life in the balance, his bones burning like a furnace, his heart struck down like withering grass, losing his appetite and sleep, groaning all day long, lonely, harassed by his enemy, tears coming down his cheeks in total dejection and discouragement.

The psalmist’s assessment of the situation dwells heavily on the righteous side of God. He might have sinned against God so God was giving him His indignation and anger. It was like God taking him up and then throwing him down. If our image of God is more on His righteous side, we would have fear and hopelessness. The two verses in the Book of Proverbs warn us against making friends with the angry person lest we pick up their ways and fall into a trap. If we only think of God as an angry God, we would also become angry and self-righteous in order to escape His wrath.

The Song of Songs offers another side of God, the loving side. The relationship of the bride with the Bridegroom should be one of love and not anger. God is our Beloved and we should experience His love more than His wrath as we draw near to Him. The love of God is what draws us to God in intimacy, in companionship and in total surrender. God’s love is unconditional, many waters cannot quench it and floods cannot drown it. No amount of wealth can be given in exchange for it and we are enjoying such love in our relationship with God. As we make ourselves clean and go into His presence, the only thing we need to do is to enjoy His company.

When Paul talked about giving once again, he encouraged a readiness on the part of the believers. Our readiness to serve God and give to others is a reflection of our relationship with this loving God who gave His Son to us as an inexpressible gift. Our service is a response of love to God who first gave of Himself to us. It is not an exchange for God’s favor but as a willing and cheerful offering. Those who are in love with Jesus never see ministry or giving as a chore that they must perform but as a privilege and joy. This would cause others to give thanks to God and come under the love of the Father God.

What is your concept of God? An angry God or a loving God? This makes a big difference in your spiritual life. God is not only a Judge ready to punish you, He is your Father and Jesus is your Bridegroom. Enter into friendship with God now and tell Him you want to be His friend and lover. You will never be the same.

Ps 102:1-11 Song 5:1-8:14 2 Cor 9:1-15 Prov 22:24-25


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