September 14 - God of Efficiency

God’s original creation was perfect and God saw it as good. As the psalmist looks at nature and God’s creation, he cannot stop praising God for His handiwork. Everything God has created serves a purpose and everything works together in a harmonious whole. Nothing on earth is wasted and God is a God of efficiency. Because of His efficiency, all creatures are sufficiently supplied.

The supply chain that God created is faultless. The springs that gush forth in the valleys supply water for every beast of the field to drink. Besides it, the birds make their dwellings. God waters the mountains and the earth is satisfied with the fruit of His work. The grass grows for the livestock and the plants for man to cultivate. From the ground, man makes wine, oil and bread for their consumption. God waters the trees abundantly and the birds make their nests in the trees. The high mountains provide abode for the wild goats and the rocks refuge for the rock badgers. All in all, God’s creation is faultless.

One may ask that if creation is so great, how come there are shortages and insufficiencies on earth as we see it today. The answer comes from the prophet Isaiah as he gave an oracle concerning Moab. Because of the pride of the Moabites and their idolatry and rebellion against God, good things began to go wrong. War cries and tears of destruction took the place of joyful shouts of harvest. The land became desolate and the grass withered, the vegetation failed and the greenery was no more. Because of their sin, God withheld rain and the immediate result was total devastation. People worked hard to cultivate only to find very little results. The efficient creation had become inefficient because people had turned their back to their Creator.

There are so many beautiful places on earth, witnessing the efficiency of the Creator God. However, many beautiful places have been marred by the sinful activities of man, turning God’s good land into places of desolation. Wars and hatred have turn nation against nation and people against people. Human greed has destroyed the beautiful environments, turning green fields into deserts. The land is supposed to be able to support its population, but because of sin, shortages and famines have come to many places.

The problem with human is our condition of alienation from God. If the sin problem is not solved, no effort of preservation or revitalization of the environment could work. Do you want to make the world a better place, a place that reflects God’s brilliance in His creation? Then pray the Lord’s Prayer, asking for the coming of God’s Kingdom and God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Ps 104:10-18 Isa 15:1-18:7 Gal 1:1-24 Prov 23:12


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