September 22 - God Cares

What is God like? How does He relate to His people? How should we look at God? The answers to these questions can be found in the reading of Isaiah. Who God is has a lot to do with our human needs. As our God and Father, He can meet all of our needs because of who He is. The purpose of God revealing Himself to us is to ensure us that He can and He cares for us.

God is a God who comforts His people. He speaks tenderly to them who are under duress of war and hardship. Because of their sin and iniquity, they were receiving the punishments that they deserved. However, God is a God of mercy, pardoning their iniquity and comforts His people. As God commanded Isaiah to comfort His people, all prophetic words from the Lord has to do with encouragement and comfort for God’s people. They are never harsh and judgmental but coming from the mouth of a loving heavenly Father.

For the weak, the Lord comes as the Mighty One. He comes to rule over the world and all those who are fearful are to behold Him. His mighty arm rules for Him and His reward and His recompense are with Him. The greatness of God is beyond our human imagination, we must herald the good news that our God reigns and not be fearful. If God is King, then we must tell others.

The Lord is also a shepherd, tending His flock. His gentleness and tenderness are seen in the way that He gathers the lambs in His arms, carrying them in their bosom. For the young ones, He leads them gently. The twenty-third psalm is a good description of the Lord as our Shepherd. Jesus also declares Himself as the Good Shepherd who puts down his life for His sheep.

God is the Father who calls us out and gives us our being. If we lift our eyes and see the creation, we can then fathom His power in creation. He is the One who calls out everything into being by His greatness and might. Because of His power, not one is missing from the creative order. He does not faint or grow weary. He gives power to the faint and increase their strength. For those who wait upon the Lord, their strength will be renewed like the eagles.

To the fearful, He holds their right hands and says, “Fear not, I am the One who helps you.” No matter what condition you are in today, whether you are suffering, weak, faint, fearful or tired, God can come and hold your right hand and give you strength. Would you like to commit your life to Him once again and ask Him to hold your right hand now? Give Him all your problems and see in the spirit how God is taking them away, one at a time. God is more than enough for all your needs.

Ps 106:1-5 Isa 39:1-41:16 Eph 1:1-23 Prov 23:25-28


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