September 29 - The Wicked and the Humble

The wicked and the humble are on two different life tracks, the former rebelling against God in pride, the latter coming to the Lord in submission, confessing of their sin and wrongdoing. Their destinations are also vastly different, one receiving God’s judgment in life and the other obtaining God’s blessings.

The wicked are those who have rebelled against God’s Word and spurned the counsel of the Most High. According to the psalmist, the Lord will use hard labor to bow down their hearts. As they face helplessness, distress, darkness and the shadow of death, they have a better chance of crying out to the Lord and repent. Isaiah describes such people as not having peace in their lives. Their soul is like a raging sea that cannot have rest. The sea keeps churning up mire and dirt for there is no peace for the wicked.

The prophet also giving an assessment on those wicked people who try to be religious. They fast and do much religious activities but their hearts are still wicked. Their humility is false for as they fast, they also quarrel and fight, hitting one another with a wicked fist. Outward observance of religious rituals without inner humility is useless and unacceptable to the Lord. While observing the Sabbath, they still do what they please, going their own ways and seeking their own pleasure instead of seeking God’s pleasure. Their sins and iniquities have separated them from God and His salvation for their hands are defiled with blood and their fingers with iniquity. Their tongue mutters wickedness and falsehood. They do not care for the poor and the needy but point fingers at others in blame.

The higher you get in your own estimation, the lower you are with God’s favor. Conversely, the lower you get and the more humble you are, the more attention you will get from God. Although God dwells in the high and holy place, He is with those that are of a contrite and lowly spirit. He will revive their hearts and heal them. He will guide and comfort them and give them peace. They do not only perform religious duties, they also care for the poor and the needy, freeing the oppressed, loose their chains and yokes, give food to the hungry and clothe the naked. As a result, they live in God’s light and presence. God’s glory becomes their rearguard and He tells them, “I am here.” So their soul is satisfied and their bones strong. They do not seek their own pleasure but always work to please God.

Are you self-centered or God-centered? Are you going down the path of the wicked or of the humble? The choice is yours and it is apparent that you want peace, blessing and prosperity. Go to the Lord and repent of your rebellious ways, have a contrite heart and God will come to you. Be a humble person.

Ps 107:10-16 Isa 57:14-59:21 Phil 1:1-26 Prov 24:9-10


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