October 12 - Be Light

The Day of the Lord will signal a new dawn for humanity and all creation, it is a day of light and not of darkness. As Paul is talking about this day coming as light, he also infers that God’s children are living in the light and not in darkness so as to welcome this day. Christians are to live as if the day is coming, in the light. Those who do not know the Lord are living in darkness, getting drunk and sleeping, not realizing the gravity of the situation.

As children of light, we are to stay sober and live a life of light, shining in the darkness of the world and pointing people to salvation. We are fighting a spiritual warfare that requires the putting on of armor, such as the breastplate of faith and love, the helmet of salvation. We are not just waiting for the day but are engaged in warfare to save as many as possible before the day comes. All the children of light must not only be ready and fighting the devil for the souls of man, we are also to encourage one another and build one another up during this time. God’s army needs to be united and moving in one direction and it is time to strengthen the troops.

Within the church, there are many who need our encouragements and help. Paul outlines several groups of people that we must pay attention to. The first group is the spiritual leaders who are over them with spiritual authority, laboring among them and admonishing them. They are to be respected and esteemed highly in love because of their work. In every church, the spiritual leaders are usually at risk because of the lack of support from those under them. Not only are they not respected, they also have become objects of slander and attack. When there is disunity in the church, the leaders suffer. There must be peace in the church in order to fulfill God’s calling.

As we open our eyes and look at the condition of God’s people in the church, it is not difficult to find the disgruntled and unsatisfied ones. Some of them are idling, not doing much for the Kingdom. Some have tried but have become discouraged and fainthearted. Others are simply weak spiritually and everyone is testing our patience. This does not look like a mighty army of God but some aging and weak gathering of unwilling soldiers. As children of light, we are to bring light into their situation, affirming the leadership, at peace with everyone, admonish the idle, encourage the fainthearted, helping the weak and be patient to all.

Are you a child of light? Do you rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances? Are you doing the will of God and strengthening God’s army? The Day of the Lord is coming, are you in the light and ready to be received into God’s presence? Be light now, in the world and in the church.

Ps 115:1-8 Jer 19:1-21:14 1 Thess 5:4-28 Prov 25:8-10


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