October 14 - The End Time Deception

Today’s readings from the Old and the New Testament contain warning against deception, a strategy of the devil especially in the end time. Some deception may come from false prophets who misinterpreted the Word of God presumptuously. Those who claimed to be God’s prophets must be careful not to become a deceiver, whether they do so by mistake or purposely misleading God’s people. This is exactly what Jeremiah spoke against.

The lying prophets of his time ran around, but were not sent by God. They claimed to have heard from the Lord but the Lord had not spoken to them. Since they did not stand in the council of God, they could not proclaim God’s Words to His people. So what they said were merely lies in God’s name, claiming, “I have dreamed, I have dreamed!” They were prophesying lies and the deceit of their own heart. This is why those who have received God’s Word must faithfully speak it forth for His Word is like fire, like a hammer that breaks the rock in pieces. The difference between truth and deception is obvious.

The prophets and priests must be careful not to pervert the Words of the living God. If God has not laid a burden in their heart, they must not speak it for it would mislead God’s people. This would greatly open up the way for the end time Satanic deception that Paul talks about. At the end time before the Second Coming of the Lord, many would speculate about the time of His coming. There will be messages by a spirit or a spoken word, or even a letter to the effect that the day of the Lord has come. We must not be deceived in any way for the Lord and His apostles had taught that no one might know of when the day is. If we do not know God’s Word, we could easily be deceived.

The coming of the lawless one is by the activity of Satan with power and false signs and wonders. A strong delusion will be sent so many would believe what is false. However, believers must stand firm and hold to the traditions taught by the apostles. Just like what God was doing to the exiles when He gathered them back to the Promised Land: He will build them up and not tear them down, not uproot them but give them a heart to know that He is the Lord. God will be their God and they will be His people, for they shall return to God with their whole heart. We must ask God for this to happen to us so that we may know the Lord. Once we know God with all our heart, we can overcome any form of deception.

Jesus Christ is coming back soon and we are in the end time with all sorts of deceptions from the enemy to sway us away from God. Ask God for discernment of prophesies and test what you have heard. Do not be deceived!

Ps 115:14-18 Jer 23:21-25:38 2 Thess 2:1-17 Prov 25:15


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